The visitor don't need to go far for snorkeling. Just jump off from the jetty and you will swim among high density of colorful corals. They can snorkel the fringe coral formations and the best time to do so would be when the tide comes in.

What the most impressive is the turtle conservation project and the number of turtle hatchery on Lankayan. Visitors are informed of any turtle landings which takes place before 11 pm and if they so wish, be brought to the nesting site to observe the nesting process, but under strict guidelines of no lights and noise.

To avoid predators to predict the release, the staff picked a random location to free the baby turtles. Visitors were asked not to move as the turtles would run all over the place.

The conservation organization also runs an 'Adopt a Nest' program on which a visitor can make a small donation towards conversation efforts and in return gets a souvenir T shirt and an emailed video clip of the release of the hatclings from the adopted nest.

A guided tour of the conservation work within the protected area can be conducted on request.

In any chance, the visitor can also rent an ocean kayak to do some serious paddling. It is a great choice to grab unforgettable adventurous experiences and enjoy beautiful scenery as you go.


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